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London, summer of 1981. Margaret Thatcher has recently begun her tireless, meticulous and ultimately triumphant crusade against the working classes and everything that she and the British bourgeoisie perceive as deviant. The so-called “riots” explode in Brixton, within a scenario of marginalization and an atmosphere of increasing racism. The main tool for this undeclared war is a set of laws that go under the name of the “Sus Laws”, allowing the police to search, detain and punish any citizen with up to three months of imprisonment, even only on the basis of their non-conformist clothes or the mere suspicion that they are preparing to commit a crime.

Almost immediately, the Sus Laws became a weapon used for the repression and social control of ethnic minorities and of those who at the time were called the “young urban proletariat”, who followed the music-related fashions that were causing such a buzz in those years.

The suburbs of London are enflamed by riots and clashes with police. Up against each another are the police and all those representing any sort of social and urban marginalization: punks, skinheads, new wavers, hippies, mods, communists, feminists, miners, workers.

Directed by

Cosimo Alemà


supported by Creative Europe Media